About us

Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster (EEBD) (www.eebd.eu) has established Golden Business Club as a private business club as part of its business operations. The main goal of the Club's activity is to build its own premium brand based on business and social relations and cooperation of the partner elite group of Club Members. The Headquarters of the Club is located in the heart of the modern Warsaw, in Złota 44 apartment building. The location of the Club reflects the progress and prestige of planned activities. Golden Business Club promotes networking, provides an elegant and friendly atmosphere to Members and Guests of the Club during meetings, work, relaxation and entertainment, while maintaining very high-quality standards. Club members can cooperate in thematic groups according to their own needs and preferences.

Following the tradition of striving for excellence, Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster by establishing, Golden Business Club, has created an important place to build effective and long-lasting business relationships. This allowed us to achieve a high level of communication quality, enabled the Club Members to be offered unique products and services and the opportunity to participate in dedicated events of a unique nature.

Golden Business Club occupies an important place in the sphere of business, culture, science and is dedicated to a selected social group. The club ensures the highest level of product and service purchase quality as well as exceptional events. Golden Business Club is a place full of energy, activity and unlimited optimism for strengthening potential in every area of life. Building be2er relationships between Club Members is a message to create a new era of business based on high culture and trust. Some of the many benefits of membership in the Golden Business Club are the participation of free events, the use of various services offered by our members on a reciprocal basis, cooperation with luxury brands operating in the club and receiving dedicated discounts on premium products using the club card that is part of the project. In addition, Club Members gain the opportunity to participate in international conferences, forums, fairs, media events related to the activities of EEBD Cluster and the Club's partners.